12/02/08 - doing these at night was such a better move as I don't feel rushed and am actually slowing down with them. Maybe the kids don't notice as they always are so happy but I know just taking an extra 15-20 + minutes gives them a more desrving result. Cam wanted this guy today, Hercules ( although he originally was called Satan ). He's the humor relief in DBZ when they show him... The " I coulda been a conteda" type ..hahaha!


12/03/08 - Another request I "over heard" Cam talking about... heard him talk about the "little ghosts" that "he" made ( was talking about the character) and I searched and finally found a picture at some forum and that lead to this guy, Super Sayian Gotenks. I love the look on Cams face when I am able to surprise him... The look he has when he sees them, well it's more that I can see he is thinking as he looks and I wonder what he is thinking.. but whatever it is it makes him glow.


12/04/08 - Wow, been a little while since I had a Naruto to draw... Umino Iruka.... Cam ( Morgan & Logan too )has been saving his bags, not sure where but is hiding them, he cuts out the picture and puts them somewhere. He was nervous that I didn't want him to cut them up but I said that they are "lunchbags"... I don't even expect them to come home!


12/08/08 - I did this one special for Cam, this is Captain Herlock. His Uncle Kevin used to really like this series and I knew that would mean something to Cam that I drew this on his bag. I told him who this was as he had no idea and he smiled when I gave him the history of how I knew this chracter.... such a sweet kid.


12/09/08 - Think the week will round out with DBZ ( Christmas break is soon and I'll take one also ). Cam wanted Frieza... this thing freaks me out, it's like the Michael Jackson of Dragonball but instead of having a Neverland Ranch he just goes around obliterating worlds...take out those things and they are just as strange. Cam laughed at my analogy..hahahah :)


12/10/08 - Another interesting DBZ character, King Kai, that Cam "special requested". I know it seems they have a new favorite all the time but just that they make them "special requests" makes it that much more meaningful, especially if I can't surprise them.


12/11/08 - Last bag of the year for Cam... Raditz. I told the kids this would be the last as we have so much to do and so little time. They all understand and will probably buy anyways :) I would like to get a jump start on next year but we will see :)