2/01/10 -


2/21/10 - Another Vacation down for the kids...8 weeks until the next one :( Cam did a lot of jet-setting this week. He came down the Cape house with his buddy for a couple days and then went over friends left and right for most of the week. I know people love having him over as he's just such a well behaved, likable, kid...and I can say that with no bias !!! Cam did have one downer for the week..well it was kinda funny ( to us audience members !)... it was time for Cam's 12 year check-up with the doctor, he got some really good news...he's going to be taller than Logan ( well over 6ft )!!! Hahaha !! He loved that part ( he's in the 95% range )...what he didn't like was hearing "...and you will recieve 3 shots" !!! Our pediatrician has been the same one since Logan was born so he knows us very well...so he got the needles and as soon as he put the first one in Cam responded by laughing hysterically !!! It was such a riot as you could see our pediatrician dying, yet Cam couldn't stop himself...yes it hurt but instead of yelping he thought it was so funny how nervous he was that he couldn't stop laughing at himself !!! He just has that ability to see beyond the bad in a situation and find something to brighten it and make it so less stressful.. what an amazing gift.