3/01/10 - Cam's week involved some heavy engineering.... he had a science project that required him to build a structure that could survive an earthquake. Cam worked diligently, drawing plans, testing the structure out before adding the finishing touches, and in the end he created a structure that passed the test and got him an "A"... The building he called "The House of Jello" survived! Where he gets these crazy names I'll never know :) This week was also his Oma's 81st birthday and he was so sweet...he had this cute little stuffed puppy he bought and wanted to give to her a a combination Valentines Day and Birthday present... she loved it and he was glowing when she opened it and looked so moved. She put it right next to her favorite picture of my Dad...I knew she loved it and I know he felt very special because of where she placed it...and it meant a lot to me, and I bet to my dad also.


3/08/10 - Badger,badger,badger,...etc, etc....... OMG this video was so infections when it came out...well ok, actually irritating :) Cam wanted this on his bags this week so I have listend to think a 1000 times while drawing it... Cam started to workout on the Wii this week. I give him alot of credit, he knows that sitting around is easy to do in the winter and instead of succumbing to the urge ( well he still does some...hahaha ) he is being pro-active. I think I found my new workout partner for the P90X...hahahaha!!!! Hmmm I wonder if they have a Wii Fitness version of "Badger"?!!!!