11/10/08 - This was in Cams Scholastic flyer and he thought it looked like the new Cat he got "Forrest". Cam is such an animal lover, I recall him watching an SPCA add about Cruelty. It's to a Sarah Mclachlan song and at one point they show those that help came to late for and he touched a dog that showed on the screen in such a loving manner it made me cry like a baby. Hell, I am teary eyed writting this now...sorry.


11/11/08 - Back to the Naruto. Cams friends really like thes, at Cub Scouts a couple of his friends were talking about about them more and want to know what I am doing next :) This character is Itachi Uchiha, local tough guy :) yeah, like I really know...hahaha !


11/12/08 - +Anime today...Senri, thought the teddy bear on his head was interesting, guess he rescued it for a little girl. Cam likes this +Anime line of books quite a bit...heck he loves Anime in general. His Uncle Kevin from Japan will be visiting in about 4 months and I know they will pick his brain as Kev knows a ton... he knows a thing or two about Anime and also does translating for a series of books called Vampire Hunter D.


11/13/08 - Kingdom Hearts today... Cam said "anything" and I was thumbing and saw this guy, looked interesting enough to boot. Cam tells me he is a bad guy named Diz...


11/17/08 - Naruto again, Neji Hyuga... Cam liked this one alot. One of his favorite Naruto characters.


11/18/08 - Switched gears to a new show I guess that was on "On Demand" ( part of Comcast cable ) called "Blue Dragon", he showed me the character from a book and asked if I could draw this for him to take to school on his bag in the morning... I think he knew the answer before I did. !


11/24/08 - Piccolo ! I like this charter...bad guy turned good. Cam said draw any DBZ I wanted so I figured I would draw him the one I liked. He know's this is my favorite and I could tell he really appreciated that I drew it on his bag because of that.


11/25/08 - I heard Cam talking to Logan about how much he liked Goku on his "cloud".... and the rest was history. As soon as I heard that I just kept making dinner like I didn't hear it, later went on the web and found this. I was soooo excited to pack his lunch in the morning and when I got them up at 6:30 , he walked into the kitchen to see his packed lunch... and was just glowing. He was totally surprised and so very, very happy at that moment :)