10/20/08 - Runescape character from the boy's screensaver.


10/22/08 - Bone


10/23/08 - Polliwag ?


10/24/08 - Rabid Rabbit


10/27/08 - Charmander


10/28/08 - Intellect Devourer


10/30/08 - Another crazy Pokemon..no Idea :)


10/31/08 - So as I mentioned on Logan's, yesterday the idea was given to me that I should keep a record of these each day. Stuff like what the theme was or why I did certain bags. There is more to the reason why and that will be revealed later !!! hahaha ! This guy is from something...no really gimme 10 minutes and I will remember. Ok, I didn't and the boys are asleep so I can't ask... sorry :)