12/03/08 - Back to work ! This is Majin Buu... I'm slowing down. Think I spent like 30 minutes on this, hopefully it shows. Logan really liked and gave me a hug for it. That meant alot...he's on the cusp of 13 and I will miss the "boy" but I know I will admire the "man" he will become.


12/04/08 - Logan said to draw anything and I had one of Cam's books out so did a Naruto person. So here is Deidara...


12/08/08 - Went back to Buu again from DBZ... this is "Kid Buu" and I liked this depiction of him. I saw Logan when he came down to see his bag and he had a grin when he saw it then saw me and said "that came out great Papa"...."nuff said"


12/09/08 - Cell from DBZ...one of the bad guys, Logan mentioned the season but I forget. He has been watching DBZ online alot, amazing the stuff these kids have access to. I have to say I appreciate it also as there is such a Plethora ( big word of the day !!! ) of images out there I will never run out of things to draw for them !!!


12/10/08 - L man wanted Krillin today...thought this picture was a riot and I have to say, looking for an image in Google had us in tears. So many pictures were of actual people dressing up as DBZ character, like Krillin, and well... some looked very well done...others...hmmm I better stop here :)


12/11/08 - This was a very tough one today, Logan had made a real "special" request for a version of young Goku in his hat...my word you would think I could find 1.764 Billion pictures on the web...nope, "key words" seemed to bring "Dragon Ball Z" up and not plain "Dragon Ball"... finally found this one and another ( will save incase I get another DB request ), they were very tiny but usuable...ugh , my vision is not what it was :)