2/1/10 -


2/21/10 - Well I guess you can tell...well maybe not...that Logan got Bioshock 2 for doing so well on grades. Logan made Honors again, I have to say how proud I am as he has never missed honors since I can recall! As proud as he was about that he had to really eat some humble pie over vacation and it was priceless !! We went for pedicures and Logan as usual, in perfect big brother fasion, allows for his sister to embarass him by making us get outrageous nail polish colors ( is it really "making" us as we do it so willingly for her happiness?? ). Well the only problem was this time there was a group of girls, right around his age, that were getting their nails done and as soon as the lady who always does our nails noticed he looked uncomfortable she yelled out to the girls and told them...they all came running down to look at his toes... he was SOOOOO RED!!!! The thing though was you could tell ( as they said is 100 times ) how sweet they thought it was. This is one reason why my kids will always have a close, tight bond...the sacrifices ( in this case humility ) they make for each other are so impressive.