3/01/10 - Logan was showing me this past week what a fine young man he is growing into ( so many people say he looks just like me...lucky kid :P ). We we doing our usual "Tuesdays at Friday's" and Morgan joined us this week...well he wanted to play some music and so did Morgan. He took her over and just with such kindness, allowed her to pick songs first...let her pick more songs...and showed her how to find and play the music she wanted to play. I could tell she just loved the attention and care he was giving her. He's truly a good kid. Yesterday while I was starting the lunchbags he showed me a drawing he was doing of Bioshock...well I showed him some things he should focus on and change, just as I would a student, and he put so much work into implementing those changes and actually asking me for more pointers!!! I wish he understood how far ahead of the curve he is then I was at that age...his talent is far beyond what mine was in 8th grade... I am so glad he's willing to learn from me....let just hope I can find the grace to be a patient teacher for him :)


3/08/10 - Wow!! That's my word for the week (*wink*).... It's just been one of those weeks that make you realize the greatness in happiness and humor :) This kid is really coming into his own with humor and how he implements it into his daily life...his wit is really sharp...maybe too sharp ( blame his "influence", me, for that...hahahaha ). I'm so glad he's that way though and I hope he NEVER changes... it's such an important thing in life and when you are lucky to have it, well, nothing can hold you down. This week I figured I would do Strongbad... It's pretty funny and this line of humor fits well with Logan's personality for sure...he always keeps me laughing no matter what! Thank you Logan for that :)