3/21/10 - It's been a busy past couple of weeks for the boy... he started kick boxing 2 weeks ago and seems to really like it... and is doing very well at it!!!. Why do I keep having nightmares of Jean-Claude Van Damm whenever I tell him to do something... This weekend was a blast for the two of us..it was like 65 on the Cape and we just cruised the Cape looking for a place to eat. We settled on a place ( some Pub ) in Hyannis and just sat and had good conversation over good Irish food. I was able to talk to him about all the exciting things going on in my, and effectively his, life. I think for that period of time I became the son and he the papa... he just sat there watching me as I talked with such excitement of everything going on in my life... I know he is sooo happy I am happy and he eagerly waits for the exciting new chapter that is unfolding in our lives!!!