2/01/10 -


2/21/10 - Back from vacation !! I don't know who took it harder, myself or the kids :) Last week was enjoyable though as we spent some of the vacation at the Cape house and also made a trip into the Museum of Fine Arts. The MFA was a blast ( well for me, as I saw one of my favorite artists, Albrecht Durer ) as they had kids week so Morgan was able to do some very interesting activities based of various forms of art... we had a good time when she was making a dual sided image of some 12th century Chinese horse sculptures. She drew one on one side, then asked me to draw one on the other... I was flattered :) Pedicures were also in the air last week... and as usual, Morgan had a good laugh at our ( Logan and I ) expense when she sinisterly picked out fluorescent yellow polish for us !! Gee, I wonder who she gets her sense of humor from *grin*