3/01/10 - Well this week Miss Morgan again was just leaving me in awe with her smarts! For my final in my Reading and Writing Fundamentals class I had to do a running record and a screening of a child. I figured I would chose morgan as she is at the perfect age ( 1st grade ) and if I did find any deficiencies I could focus on them, and that would help with my project.... well before I could start she had picked up a copy of Frog & Toad that I had and read it with ease...after I found out it was a second grade level book I started to ask some of the real reading experts at school and they suggested more, higher level books, to a level 20...where they felt she would struggle.... they underestimated my little cherub!! Well I administered the books and a sight words test...she started to struggle with her words...at a 5th grade level!! and the reading books, she aced them all, are where a 2nd grader would be in the spring !!!! What an amazing little girl she is... must get it from me! Ha! Not with the amount of typos I make on these pages!!!!


3/08/10 - Hmmm, I said the same thing... what ( edited for younger audiences )??? This little girl keeps me stitches for sure... Trogdor.. Really?? Trogdor?? The one she was sooo afraid of when she was 4 years old... I guess that just shows me how much she is growing up on me :( First she's no longer afraid of Trogdor, then whats next.. probably kicking the butt of every boy that ever tries to kiss her :) ... seriously, think of the poor kid that first has to meet me ( I'm the easiest, right?? :P ), then he'll have to make his way through the trial of death with her brothers and just as he thinks he is all set, almost one of the family... WHAM!!! He gets blind-sided and a black eye because he tries to kiss Morgan.... what am I in for ???? She's not only going to be a knock out visually...but a knock out physically!! The little cherub ( I can still call her that!! ) had a great week this week and next week she gets ready for her play... and guess what her part is.... The Slave Master.....hahahahahaha!!!!