3/21/10 - Well the Slave Master was a smashing success!!! The play was a rush and I had to laugh ( probably to loud and inappropriately ) when she said the opening prayer... wasn't the prayer itself, just the closer.. " and may the devil not do anything to ruin this"... I seriously bit my tougne as it just seemed so comical coming from her :) she did well though... and NEVER looked to the director for her lines, she knew everything and her timing was perfect!! Over the weekend she went to the Ballet at the Ziterion and lost a tooth !!! She was more excited about what the Tooth Fairy was going to leave her then what she thought about the ballet !!!! what a character, that's why I chose Princess Mandie for her...well pronounced "Man-DIE!!!!!"... I think the qoute I heard from this character sums up Morgan at the Altar... "You! Prepare to accept wedded bliss, OR EAT HOT PLASMA!! :) Morgan's gonna kick Man-Butt when she grow up !!!!